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Vernier Asia Limited

Vernier Asia Limited is Asia representative of Vernier Software & Technology.

Vernier Software & Technology is the premier manufacturer and distributor of sensors, data loggers / interfaces, software and accessories for educational science laboratories. Founded in 1981, the only focus has been the needs of teachers and students of physics, chemistry, physical science and mathematics. All products are suitable for STEM.


STEAM education related product(s):

1. LabQuest 2

LabQuest 2 - Designed for science and STEM education, Vernier's LabQuest 2 (LQ2/LABQ2) is a powerful, connected and versatile data logger suitable for a wide range of data logging activities both in the lab and in the field.

The Vernier LabQuest 2 interface puts scientific data-collection technology into your students’ hands and is compatible with your existing Vernier sensors. Explore science in the lab and in the field with full-colour clarity, touch-screen ease and breakthrough, versatile technology. Collect, view, analyse and annotate data on LabQuest 2 or on any device with a compatible web browser such as iPads®, Android™ devices, iPhones® and other mobile technology, through our Connected Science System technology.

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2. Go Direct Force and Acceleration (and the Go Direct series): tie-in with Scratch

Scratch 3 is a free, browser-based programming language that is designed for students ages 8 to 16 and supported by an active community of millions of users. Students can use Scratch to design music videos, animations, and video games while learning the fundamentals of coding. Scratch encourages you to share your work and “remix” others’ projects to create something new. The limitation of programming is the connection to real world situation.

The partnership between Vernier Software & Technology and Scratch creates the ability to integrate data-collection technology into science and computer science activities. With this integration, students can learn coding by purposefully and successfully applying their skills to fun, hands-on coding projects. This helps students make natural connections between the digital and physical worlds. Go Direct Force and Acceleration package is directly accessible from Scratch website. Other Go Direct series sensors will soon be accessible, making many connection to real world sensing possible through programming.

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3. NXT-BTA and Engineering with Lego NXT Sensor Adapter

The Vernier NXT Sensor Adapter allows many Vernier BTA sensors to work on the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 and LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robotics systems. Enhance your robots with sensors for measuring everything from temperature to force, light level, UV level, pH, and more.

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4. Arduino Interface Shield

The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield provides a convenient way to make connections from Arduino microcontrollers to Vernier sensors. The Vernier Arduino Interface Shield plugs directly on top of the Arduino and adds two BTA (analog) and two BTD (digital) sockets. This shield was developed to be used with the SparkFun Arduino RedBoard but will work with the Arduino Uno and other Uno equivalents like the Leonardo. It also works with the Intel Galileo.

Sample code is provided on the Vernier website which will support auto-ID for all Vernier sensors and will get you started with writing your own data-collection programs. Works with over 80 Vernier sensors with BTA and BTD connectors.

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5. KidWind & (Go direct energy sensor – GDX-NRG)

KidWind products help students investigate the science and technology of renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy. With our lab equipment, sensors, software, and investigations, students can explore engineering concepts and quantify energy production of small wind turbines and solar panels.

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